Self care quotes to motivate and inspire

This tells us : "It is important to know that you are a hippo, a good hippo, nothing more or less than a hippo, and being a hippo is good....!". Just so long as there actually is such a thing as "a hippo" and just so long as you are a hippo,,,,,, Often people and animal people alike can become unsure of themselves at some point in their lives.  And that is not good for a hippo.....

Self care quotes to encourage and encourage
This tells us : “It is very important know that you’re a hippo, a very good hippo, nothing kind of than a hippo, and being a hippo is sweet….!”. Simply as long as there truly is such a factor as “a hippo” and simply as long as you’re a hippo,,,,,, Typically individuals and animal individuals alike can turn out to be not sure of themselves sooner or later of their lives. And that isn’t good for a hippo…..

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